What is the point of the SC6000?

Before you hang me, I am trying to understand the philosophy behind this device. Was it needed? Is there anything better other than the larger screen and the quantized effects? Did they forget something in a meeting when they realized that the effects were not quantized?

This post is to provoke discussion. I love Denon. We can easily switch between them and a competitor.

But what is the reason for these new players? Am I missing something?

Note: I have the X1850 and have already paid for my SC6000’s. Waiting on them of course like everyone else. Currently working with the MCX800. Let’s Talk.

You bought something that you don’t see the point of?

If you don’t want them, I’ll take them off your hands.

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As a person who has -10, -11 sight L-R I can see the reasoning behind larger screens…

This is from someone that has a 4K screen but runs it at 1080p so I can see text and icons bigger…

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lol calling @Reticuli oops

I’ve already said I think it’s weird to have devoted any energy on replacement models already just to make them bigger, have less lights, soft buttons, and a slightly smoother jog on the non-M. I assume the software is not any different on them so the quantization of effects being independent of when you start triggering said effect I assume will work just as fine with the 5000s and the 1850. I just trigger the effects whenever I want… in phase with the beat, out of phase, whatever floats my boat. Regardless of what I think, the new players are coming out. So if you like squishy buttons, less lights, bigger everything, and/or a smoother feeling jog, then people might was well get the 6000s instead.

Now, the most obvious reason for the 1850 wasn’t the cosmetic stuff or the barely useful quantization but to redesign the bottom board ground so fewer people get issues with hums & noise with the unlinked grounding posts not touching the bottom of the case inside. While they were at it, they tweaked the cosmetics, added the optional quantize thing so the effects section talks to the Ethernet more, changed the headphone amplifier to a different design, and bumped the AKM multichannel DAC up a model number or something. Probably the thing I’d most be interested in is the 1850’s different headphone amp since sometimes I think the X1800’s general warmth combined with its warm headphone amp is too much of a good thing. Then again, neither of my 1800s have problems, and if either developed hum I believe I know how to fix it easily.

The biggest change from my POV is the ability to add an internal HDD. That’s what I loved about the HS5500s and what they missed from subsequent models - until now (well, an unknown time in the future).


Forgot about that… very good for the mobile crowd. I never bothered with the internal HDD on the 5500s due to the 50,000 track limit per drive its OS can see.

Was it as much as 50K? The SC5000 is only 10,000 recommended. Hopefully the 6000 is not so limited.

It was the 250GB drive limit that put the nail in the coffin for me.

It was also disappointing that they didn’t properly network together. One just acted as a remote for the second layer of the other.

Recommends just has to do with how fast it can scan the tracks and build a library and the old constraints. The 5000s have always been able to see more than 10,000 tracks on a drive through the folder directors and now the library lacks many of the earlier constraints.

The 5500’s HDD caddy is not SATA but rather IDE or something, right?


please don’t take this the wrong way but that has to be one of the dumbest questions asked especially considering that you already have the 1850, & 6000s paid for.

Why on earth would you invest so much money in this tech if you don’t understand the philosophy.


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It was IDE yes, even though SATA was well established at the time.

IMO, it was time to revamp the SC5000.

No major changes, just 3 years newer. Slicker. Modern. Better.

The large screen is to be future proof. Imagine what could be displayed one day.

I’ll be keeping my 5000’s next to them. :relieved:

It does make sense. I am an Amateur. Again I do not have my SC6000’s yet. What did I say wrong? Again I am not trying to justify the money, but the why? Explain that.

EDIT: Others have given great answers. Thanks.

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