What else is there from Denon DJ?

With the controller’s range pretty much covered up on all levels, with two media players and only one mixer covering the top end of the range, what else is there from Denon to address the entry level to midrange gear? Are there any plans for good players and mixers to cover a modular setup?

As Denon Dj is owned by Inmusic, who also own Numark, if Denon were to make a low-cost Denon player or mixer, they’d be competing with themselves. Maybe that’s why numark don’t make anything extremely highly featured, as it would just be competing against their own Denon Dj brand.

I would like to believe that competition is good. InMusic owns many other brands in the business and in my opinion it will not be beneficial for them to restrict a company’s growth as this will affect it’s value in the event of a future sale. On the other hand, if we try to globalise production and use the same parts from the same manufacturers put under different brands, then we all have to lose. In my opinion, Denon was very resourceful in the past with their developments and managed to offer top quality products in throughout the range at competitive prices, with differencies mostly in terms of features offered and I hope this philosophy will not change in the future, because trying to win some clients from the competitors working only at top the top level means loosing many more clients at the entry to mid level range, where most of the sales happen and those funds are used to drive the push at the top level.