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For the trust of the customers, both the old ones but above all for the new ones that for months have paid in full and after months still does not arrive, be honest and tell us the truth. What is really happening right now? Being left in the dark and discovering information elsewhere is frankly unforgivable. So please tell us the truth. I don’t really want to cancel my order to switch to another brand, but patience like all things has its limits. I look forward to your truthful answer. Thank you.

There’s no darkness left.

Tuesday this week brought the firmware and software release for players, mixers and engine Prime

Monday this week Denon gave us info that prime 4 had started shipping from their warehouse and that individual dealer chains would be able to tell us when the dealers own distribution networks would get those Prime 4s into the dealers own shops around each country.

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Except that’s not entirely true. Why would it take a month to get from Denon’s release to a local distributor? Why would reps tell the distributors that marketing jumped the gun on the “we’re shopping!!”? Only to have every distributor saying it’s not available until mid-June. Why would reps tell the distributors that there is yet another update needed before shipping?

You see it might not be as dark, but it’s still murky as hell out.

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Neither you nor I know every detail of how any of the in-depth procedures and wheels of industry turn. Unless you’re a customs officer, or logistics admin. I’m not. :smile:

A new product , whether it’s a truck gearbox or a batter tester or a tin of talcum powder can be viewed with deep suspicion by customs and held in customer storage for days or weeks until “cleared”. Second and subsequent shipment are generally held up less, or waved straight through , generally.

Once a shipment has cleared customs then it gets divided up accordingly to distributors (not public facing, distributors don’t sell to the public), the chain stores and buying networks order what they want from the distributors, then once those chain store warehouses have revived their stock of (whatever) 500 x prime 4s then they sort out sending 100 to each of their north, south, east, west and central division warehouses (or however that chain split their country up) then the stores in that region order what they want from their divisional warehouses. Individual shopping mall stores don’t just turn up at the back of the ship and catch a few prime 4s on the dockside.

That time in customs , especially the first batch ever, can be a huge variable , out of everyones control - there’s no subterfuge, just a requirement for understanding and patience at the flow of international trade and excise.

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The supplier

regarding the order in question, we inform you of the following:

The supplier indicates to us an indicative delivery date that he cannot comply with, because he is waiting for the software update of this new product; this situation obviously concerns the whole world.

We are aware of the inconvenience created, even though we are not responsible, so if requested we will proceed with the cancellation of the order and immediate refund; however they will lose the priority acquired.

A month ago yeah it was firmware but as everyone has seen on this forum 3 days ago, matching firmware to software engine Prime have been released publicalky.

To us on this forum, waiting to get our partly paid for prime 4, then the prime 4 is the only thing on our mind. To a dealer with 1000 products for them to think about, they could be forgiven for not keeping themselves up to date with all the developments and still passing on old, out of date information


acting like there is some conspiracy or big secret. ■■■■ takes time, i paid for it as well and am def impatient but posts like this are ■■■■■■■ childish and dont get anything done.

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hi @airliquid, thank you for your post.

Firstly let me please reiterate that everyone at Denon DJ is full aware of the patience and commitment DJs have made with their investment into Prime 4. As a global company we are doing everything we can to get the best product out the door, first time.

Secondly, I can assure you there is no hidden secret, in fact we have been as open as we can with the information we’ve got to keep people updated.

There really isn’t anything more to say really, they will arrive in each country when the arrive and we can’t wait for that to happen! You will not be disappointed!

Regards Jay


Jay the problem is very simple: Denon declared few days ago a “now shipping” status. Local National dealers assures the product has not been shipped yet cause the famous firmware problem… Where is the truth?


The whole thing could be solved by simply not doing pre orders. I get that companies use the pre order model to gauge product interest and for other marketing reasons but the simple fact is that is if a particular date is promised for delivery, many people will be very unhappy if that date is not met. Whatever the reason for not meeting the target date is won’t really matter, all they see is that they don’t have their unit. I get it I really do, you’ve paid in full and you don’t have what you paid for, frustrating for sure. But as has been said a million times before crap happens and no amount of hand holding, status updates, or whatever you want to call it will be enough for some. I say again, do away with pre orders all together, promise nothing. When it finally hits shelves it will be just as successful as it would’ve been with pre orders but no one would’ve spent months threatening to cancel and run to the competition. Of course, I could be completely wrong.

I work for a digital content distributor that handles shipments worldwide on a daily basis. There are times when our products can take up to a month to travel 2,000 KM in areas such as the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia depending on warehouse location.

There are many factors to consider, such as shipping/space/containment availability and customs import/export inspections.

To put that in perspective, we have warehouses in 29 countries that we ship from. The Prime 4 products are coming from one location to all distributors. Thats a plethora of different timelines for each shipment.


@hellnegative without a doubt - all very true - but the issue here isn’t varying shipping timelines and international customs delays, etc, it’s that the products aren’t shipping at all due to multiple discovered errors with the P4 hardware or software. Shipping delays are fine and are to be expected, but this, to me at least, is about the QC process on Denon’s side and Marketing being out of sync with Engineering/Product and overpromising on delivery dates.


The marketing department can only provide timelines based on what production tells them. In production, there can be things that come up both in development and testing which can push those timelines back. Denon has been pretty transparent in offering updated timelines via both this forum and their social media accounts. I was informed by Zzounds in April, that shipping is pushed back until mid to late June already. So, I’m not sure where people are getting the idea that they would be receiving the units sooner.

From Denon’s own recent announcement in this forum that the units were actively shipping to dealers on May 13, and from certain dealers informing their customers that they would receive their units approximately one week later (like mine told me). That’s late May, not mid to late June. And of course, after over 2 months of previous shipping ETAs and subsequent delays for similar reasons.

And as I pointed out in a related thread, none of those units actually shipped as promised on May 13, due to another bug discovered by, I assume, their QC guys. They certainly intended to ship, but the items were literally pulled off the loading dock before they could go out. That is not a planned event, or anything related to shipping, it’s a last minute error. These are the kinds of things that make me nervous as a Prime 4 DJ - whether I get mine tomorrow or in two months.

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Did Denon actually sanction a pre-order sales?

Just asking…its not like they need the money like Phase did

That’s a good question, never considered it could be a dealer end thing.

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My thoughts exactly. I don’t recall seeing an Official Denon marketing banner promoting “pre-orders”.

I’m not trying to play down the frustrations of the crowd that pre-ordered.


Send proof pics then

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