Wanna peak inside?

wanna peak inside? My warranty is up and I had an issue with the master volume control so what the heck

Inside denon prime go controller


Don´t touch the PCBs. You could kill em by electrostatic discharge. Only touch if you are grounded. But nice look anyway.

Nice! Thanks for the inside view! Were you able to fix it?

yes. but it doesn’t feel the same after spraying it

What was wrong with the master output control before, that made you open up the device?

go was hardly used, when you adjust the master, the sound was scratchy. the Deoxit D5 fixed it

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I have the same issue. Sounds Horrible, especially at mid-volume at live events. Where do I directly spray the Deoxit D5? I’m hoping no to oversaturate anything essential.

I would not recommend trying this. It’s a pain in the ass

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We’ll eventually see a lot more of them opened up because those batteries won’t hold a good charge forever.