Volume knob acting weird

I have 2 MC6000s, and I have loved them. I just bought a MK2, and I’m having some issues with the volume control knob on channel 1 and channel 2. Sometimes, I turn it up and/or down and the volume doesn’t change. To fix it, I have to quickly turn it up all the way and then back down very quickly, and then it’s fine.
I also hate the LED display on the MK2 vs the original as it’s not very accurate. Any help?


There only one volume knob.

Do you mean suppose the Gain knob at top of each channel.

The behave you describe is soft takeover. Here, if you DJ software think Gain is at a 50 level then you must turn the Gain knob from whatever level he is set to, up or down to be the 50.

When then the Gain knob he is point to the same level the dj software think Gain is, the two thing then they connect together and he move as one connected.

And if LED display = LED VU meters then that’s probably a problem with midi mapping. Have you switched software between the original MC6000mk1 and mk2?