Variety of problems with Denon Prime 2

I have a 6 week old Denon Prime 2. I was using it successfully with no problems using USB drives with tracks drag+dropped directly onto the drives in Windows Explorer. Yesterday I tried to use the SYNC feature in Engine to load playlists created on my laptop onto the drives. But none of the tracks will show in the Crates or Playlists once inserted into the Controller. The only way I could find the tracks was in the Library window on the controller. ■■■? It would show no tracks, crates, or playlists.

This has snowballed into an issue where other USB drives that worked before now wont work and now the player will NOT SHUT DOWN and will not recognize firmware downloaded onto USB drives. When I hit the power button, I select 'Turn off player" then it reboots immediately after shutting down…

TLDR - Prime 2 controller worked fine until tried to use Engine to create and sync playlists. Not wont recognize USB drives, Firmware updates or shut down.

Hi Avid and welcome to the community!

What versions of Engine DJ software and OS are you using? It’s always best to use the latest available build, and for the desktop and firmware versions to be the same build.

Also worth noting that you don’t have to use the Sync Manager. You can copy things by drag & drop within the Engine software.