Using USB Hub with My Sc3900's?

looking to buy a new laptop & the one i’m looking at don’t have enough usb ports for me.right now i have my Denon Sc3900’s plugged directly into my laptop…looks like i’ll have to buy a USB Hub…i really don’t want to cause i don’t like having a break in the link meaning not plugging into something to plug into something…anyhoo for you DJ’s that use the 3900’s do yawl have any problems using a USB Hub with your Sc3900’s thanx for any help/advice

I had 2900s but same principle. Used them with an USB hub (as MacBooks are notoriously stingy when it comes to USB ports). The only thing I can say get a good one, no need for USB 3.0. But do get one with external power!

Most hub problems are connected to power issues. Having a good, powered hub will prevent those.

The difference between el cheapo hubs and more expensive ones is that the cheaper ones have one chip inside to control all ports, the expensive ones will have a chip per 1 or 2 ports. This is an over-simplification of what is happening. Should you want to learn more:,677-3.html

So you are looking for a powered USB 2.x or 3.x MTT hub. The higher the total available power for the hub the better.

thanx for the heads up info :slight_smile: