Using SC5000M with Serato DJ Pro with NS7II

Is there a way to use the SC5000M player with my NS7II to control Serato DJ Pro? I just havent got around to buying the x1800 mixer yet…but in the meantime I want to use them with my current setup. is it possible and how…Im new to these players I had the dn3700 before.

Thank you.

yes you can use SC5000/SC6000 series via USB for Serato

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So I probably need a good usb hub to hook up my ns7II and both sc5000m all at the same time?

no, connect mediaplayers with the computer via usb. If you run out of usb ports, you can connect one mediaplayer with usb cable via another mediaplayer. Anytime one has to be connected directly with the computer. The mediaplayers have an inbuild USB hub.

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So what do I do if my macbook only had 2 usb-c ports? Let me clarify…I am in the process of buying a refurb mac and the newer ones only have a couple of usb-c ports…what do I do in a situation like that…just asking. Should I get a older model with usb 3.0 ports or perhaps a pc laptop?

Just get a usb-c hub or one adapter to usb-a

To avoid running in any additional problems, keep it as simple as possible. Get a good, higher quality USB b to USB c cable (USB-C/USB C USB B 3.0/Type-C USB 3.1 to USB B)

So use a ethernet cable to link the players together…then a USB-C/USB C USB B 3.0/Type-C USB 3.1 to USB B from the player to my macbook/serato djpro. Ok…I will keep you posted…Im excited…Thanks guys!

good luck and enjoy it :joy: