Using effects with vinly on decks 3 and 4

I’m running turntables on the phono inputs of decks 3 and 4. Only the filter works, effects do not. I purchased the dvs pack for serato thinking I needed that but the effects still will not work. This is playing vinyl on the thru channels. Manual says effects will work. They work in traktor but not serato. Any suggestions?

Windows 10 running newest version of serato.

What’s up @stepboogie,

Check out my reply to you on your other post regarding this topic. Below is another link from that you’ll find helpful.

The effects (echo, reverb, etc.) are software driven and will only work via DVS only. Make sure that you have the FX ASSIGN enable (LIT) for channels 3 (FX 1) & 4 (FX 2).

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 6.06.16 PM

Thank you for this info. I got this concept down and wasnt really clear in my initial post. The controller isnt sending any audio signal into serato. It will in traktor so i assume the controller works. Its gotta be some setup in serato im missing. I cant even use dvs. On the expansion pack page i have the check box clicked to enable dvs and using lines in. I dont see or know of anything else i can configure. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Well this seems like an obvious mistake.