Using an SSD w Prime 4

I am newer DJ, and I bought a prime 4 after trying out several different pieces of kit. I’m running into issues though around workflows in creating playlists and rating music. I have my music living in my harddrive (2tb interior mounted ssd) currently.

The major pain points are that I (A) can’t rate music (1-5 stars) when using the harddware (which I can with the software), and/or B) can’t play music as a playlist using Engine for windows (which I can with the hardware).

Please add the ability to play music as a playlist on the windows software, and/or edit music ratings on the hardware (+/- add the ability to create/edit playlists on the hardware)

Please help in unlocking the full functionality and utility of having a built in SSD!

The request for star rating on the fly can be found here:

Thank you Addie, - but I don’t think this counts as a solution as doesn’t actually solve what I am looking for, and it doesn’t resolve item B which is the ability to play song continuously

I understand (I didn’t mark the solve btw). As for continuous playlist playback in Engine DJ desktop software, I would recommend opening a Feature Request with the given template in the right area. Personally, I think it’s more of a playback software feature instead of prepping. Engine DJ is not (yet) performance playback software, but intended for prepping. Other computer software seems better suited for playlist playback. What is it what you want to achieve with Engine DJ Desktop being able to play a playlist?

Prime 4 supports playing a playlist on the Zone out. I’d like to be able to listen to that playlist before serving it up. Sometimes I’ll prep them and like to listen in real time, esp. for 1.5-2 hour slots, to make sure its got the right intro-build-climax-comedown. I don’t have every bar of every track memorized, so giving it a listen while working through other stuff it great. That said, I know I can import from Itunes or (Cough) Rekordbox, and they have playlist features - but I’m really wanting to avoid switching. + the import checks in engine are SLOW! Once loaded, I don’t need it to reload each time I go back.