Use of "Sampler" in copy / software is misleading

It just hit me that the use of the word “Sampler” is completely misleading in the Engine OS website. These devices don’t create samples, they play back samples. Even the copy on the website (see below) mentions playing, and not recording.

Common understanding the term “Sampler” is a device that can record and play back bits of audio.

What am i missing?

I’ve also raised this. I think Sample Player (like Serato’s SP-6) is a better term.


Why not just make a feature request out of it - the Line-Ins or even the Mic could be used to record samples if this would be implemented into software right? For most users this would be a feature they probably never use but I could imagine some use case for myself.

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Denon seem to have abandoned the sampler.

After numerous requests, they eventually added it (or maybe just enabled it, based on a recent picture of a prototype) but have not really finished the job.

It needs to record from the decks, loop and sync to the decks at the very least.

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Maybe they should be renamed “Snippets” or “Minis” until the ability to actually create new samples is included.