Use 2 computers and 1 database?


I want to use engine prime on 2 computers. Is it possible to copy all track data (cue/loop) to another computer as i want to use 1 master database?


place the master on an external drive,

Yep. I also use a external SSD as master.

I can’t see any way to make a certain drive a master within Prime software…How do you go about making your external ssd a master, do you manually copy the database over from the windows Music folder?

No, everything is on the external SSD. Collection, music, everything. So nothing is on the computer.

Then you could simply copy from one USB SSD to another.

How do i place the master on an external drive?

It’s not that you place it on the external drive but you create it there.

how to:

plug your ext drive into the PC/Mac

copy your music files from your internal hard drive to your ext drive. (create a folder, e.g. music, on your ext drive and if needed add sub folders just how you like to maintain your music files.

open Engine

In Engine the ext drive will appear as a “device”.

select the external drive => the “music” folder and then select all the music files and drag these to the collection section of the devices.

now you can analyse the tracks.

In the main screen you can see that the music is stored on the external drive and also the Engine Prime databases are on the external drive. ( you can see a folder being created named “Engine Library”

you can if you already created it remove the “Engine Library” from the internal harddrive to prevent it becomes weird as then it looks like everything is duplicated. ( tip: first make a copy of the “Engine Library” that is on your hard drive just to have a backup if something goes wrong.

Basically all is mentioned in the EP manual but just replace the internal harddrive with the external drive.

hope this helps.

I also use an ext drive as the master, handy is that you can directly plug this ext drive into your SC5000.

I mirror the ext drive Always directly to a 2nd ext drive and another copy is kept at my MAC and that one is backuped to the network drive. (better save the……

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I get it now. Thank you very much for the detailed reply.

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