Usb send return

hi, I would be very happy if the send retur function via usb will be implemented in a next update. what are currently the possible alternatives to use app fx on ios?

The mixer already has USB send and returns x8 per soundcard. It’s called the dvs function.

Unfortunately the send and return on the mixer is not wired to the mixer’s soundcard.

I hope it will be implemented soon in order to use the rmx app or similar Thank you!

RMX app is exclusive to Pioneer mixers only.

no, the rmx app is simply an app that processes an audio signal via usb and returns the same digitally edited signal as it does for other effects apps on ios

You faith is appreciated but the mixer is not wired up to do so.

The only work around is to use the dvs function as the USB send/return because that’s what it does but only at the input.

But mixer needs to communicate with ipad, and that app. As for now, only a few Pioneer mixers do it.

redmond time to start ur copiers ^^ hire the best hackers and do some reverze engineering.

what I like to say: not impossible to do, very crazy if Denon could communicate & read competitor protocols like link / xlink etc.

That’s up to Denon - it is a good idea. But as I said it doesn’t work at the moment.

there are many apps that allow you to apply effects and the implementation of a send \ return via usb would offer lots of fun possibilities and experiments


True, but it requires a usb A port - host device instead of USB B - Peripheral device.

I don’t think it’s a problem … usb adapters exist … :slight_smile: