USB not playing song that's chosen

Hello Fellow DJs! I need some help please! I prepare my music in engine prime on my San disk extreme pro USB. I just recently created a playlist for a new mix I was going to record and when I went to select a song, it wasn’t playing the correct song, it was playing for example John legend instead of pitbull. But the song that was selected was pitbull yet I’m hearing a John legend song. All my other songs on the USB in the collection, or the playlists or my crates are all playing correctly, it’s just this one playlist I’ve created. Can anyone help and tell me why this is? I’ve deleted it, re-created it, ran a cleanup while in the software multiple times, and it still is not playing the correct songs. This happens when I load the songs on my prime 4 unit or even in the software. The weird part is that my SD drive plays the correct song when I load it into engine prime from the SD play list but not from the usb. So weird! Please help? Any suggestions or fixes?

Corrupt database on the USB drive ?

Reformat the USB drive and export the playlist again

I’ll give that a try. I currently have it formatted to fat32. Would Exfat be better?

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Yes try ExFaT

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Yes, sounds like corrupt database. And yes Exfat is for unlimited filelength … so if the database grows, it is saver to not get a complete corrupt database.

Awesome, Thank you guys very much. I went ahead and re-formatted the drive and started from scratch. Hopefully this helps avoid the problem in the future!

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