Urgent / extremely long firmware update?

Updating firmware on Denon Prime 4 from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 and it’s taking over an hour. What is expected time for an update to complete? Sweating here as I need to start my set in a minute lol.

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not that long. maybe like 5 min

EDIT: Just realized you’re asking about the Prime 4 and not the SC5000 but i think same for the Prime 4. Nothing should take that long.

Side note: trying to use Prime 4 in controller mode for Serato DJ pro. Was not responding earlier so updated both Serato to latest 2.2.2 and simultaneously updating firmware on prime 4 but it’s taking forever. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @prince_sho, thanks for posting. PRIME 4 isn’t compatible with Serato DJ Pro, so that functionality won’t work. Firmware updates should only take a few mins, definitely not an hour. Are you updating via flash drive update or with your computer plugged in?