Unsupported File Type

Can anybody tell me how to find out which files are not supported once you analyze all your songs? I’ve look at the requirements and all my songs fall in that category. Nevertheless, I want to know which song should I look at to fix and this program does not tell you. All it tells you is that some are either missing or unsupported. Can anybody help?

Ok people. I talk to support and we came up with something on this. If you slide the bar below your collections lists of songs to the right, you’ll see at the end of the taps MCX Compatibility and change the arrow on it to up. It will put all the songs that are not compatible on top. Now you will know what songs you’re having problems with. Also, my songs were 151 bit rate, well in the range it should play but wouldn’t play until I reformatted them to 256, then they played, so I thought. Some played but other still don’t play for me so I’m still kind of stuck but I got most of them sorted. I hope this helps everyone who has this problem. I’ll inform you of anything else I come up with.


This is one of the biggest failures of the engine prime and the mcx8000 combination. You will see that it does not play the tracks found with search. Or on the other deck, you will see the track played … Months ago I sent the video and track of this error to Denon Dj with DM. No response yet.

Hi everyone. I’ve found out how to make all your music to show that dot beside it under the MCX Compatibility…iTunes. Who would have thought. If you run all your music through it after you change the settings. I have mine set to 256 bit rate and 44.1 khz and reformatted all my music through it. I took some work but now ALL my songs play with no problem. Case close.

It continues to show devam unsupported file ’warning on some tracks. It continues to show devam unsupported file ’warning on some tracks. I’ve seen the same problem problem I’ve tried on different hard disks as well.

I’m on line right now if you need help. Did you make sure you changed the settings in iTunes. Changes the setting to your bit rate and to the khz to 44.1?

yes all mp3s 44.1 hz and aif tracks

Check your files to see if they have any mark under the MCX Compatibility tab. Is there a ? or is the song highlighted as red?

I don’t use iTunes, it’s off. I don’t use the playlist. In crate … yes the mcx compatibilty

I understand you don’t use iTunes but that’s the way I found to get all the tracks to play. Try it. I know you probably don’t use it but it worked for me. It will format all your songs to the format you set and the khz as well. I haven’t tried any other program.

I’m using serato. The problem I share is in standalone mode. Thank you.

Sorry, let me clarify… I’m using mines as stand alone mode with usb drives. The songs are all on these drives. I can play them both under the crate or under the file system browser. Once I formatted them using iTunes and rescanned all the music, they all show up as being compatible. I’m sorry things are not working out for you. I’m just trying to help.

You’re welcome. I do the same thing with Serato. as follows; I use the same folders in the archive as the crate in Serato DJ and Engine Prime. This way I use the controller as I have no problems. I’m having problems in standalone mode. I thought I was doing the first aif track, but the same error is seen in MP3.

You have me on that one. Tech support maybe your only option with this. It maybe a glitch with your system.

Yes, maybe. I sent the problem video and the problematic Track to the Denon DJ via DM with a link. I think it’s been 3 months yet, no response. If the problem was technical, wouldn’t they? link; https://youtu.be/qh6YGC3XFhA

I looked at your video. Yeah that seems like a issue with the players. Just hope your screen doesn’t freeze while your djing then you’re in real trouble. I had that happen to me.

There are big problems, in fact the device is not in use.