Unpredictable SC6000 link behavior

Afternoon all, hope you are well.

I am hoping you might be able to help me with some issues that I’ve run out of ideas troubleshooting.

2x SC6000 v 2.2.1 1x 1850 Each layer connected via digital to mixer, 4 channels live total - 2 per CDJ Network cable from each CDJ into mixer (ports 1 / 2 - not PC) Sound switch USB DMX periperal USB port 2 CDJ 1


A) Sorry I don’t know Denon’s term - but Pro DJ Link style functionalty doesn’t work repeatably after a range of reboots/cable reseats / swaps. The layer colour does not map to the mixer, the headphone button is illuminated. Some times random colours appear, after a reboot other random colours appear - they do not map to any of the layer colours.

B) Sound switch runs with unpredictable behavior, the lights are recieving DMX and locate but will often not respond when signal from a channel is sent, sometimes with 1 live channel and 3 channels with nothing playing, bring up another upfader and the lights perform as expected - again this behavior changes on reboot and is unpredicable.

The fact that reboots change behavior don’t feel like a cable/patching issue to me.

Any ideas? It’s quite irritating

Many thanks

Connect the player to the same ethernet port number as where you’d want layer A of that player on the mixer’s channel number.

Example channel layout: AABB = eth1+2, ABAB = eth1+3, BAAB = eth2+3 etc.

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Thanks Reese.

I’ve checked my patching and I am AABB so my patching was right (by fluke)

I did some science

If i Patch into ports 1 and 3 (deck 1 and 2) my layer colours are correct - but my inputs are wrong I am AABB

Soundswitch still does what on earth it fancies on that particular boot

EDIT: more science

If I repatch ports 1 and 3 ethernet plus digital ABAB

Everything works great

AABB though - absolutely not :frowning:

Eth2 might be defective, but then usually the whole internal switch would.

Could you try BAAB? So eth2+3.

Other thing to check is the assignment when holding the Engine Connect button on the mixer for a few seconds. However, it should assign automatically.

Thanks again Reese.

I’ve flipped back to AABB Same problems as before - when I press and hold engine connect it just shows my FW version (1.1) for ref hardware is 1.3

BAAB works great - cue coloured correctly, engine connect button also shows me channel assignment on the CDJS

Bizarre eth 2 works in a BAAB config but not AABB

Any ideas?

Thanks again

I think you need a newer mixer firmware than 1.1 to fix these Engine Connect issues, but ehm they’re non publicly available atm.

How old is your X1850?

July 2021 from a UK supplier.

Can I contact support and get a firmware file?

Cheers Tom

Of course. Better to let them check which firmware you need, 1.5 or 1.6.

Thanks again - Do Denon Support tend to be any good? I raised 5 days ago and still no response.

Hey @Tom_Re - If you reach out to our team, they’ll provide you the firmware you’re looking for. If you still haven’t received a response, I can reach out and follow up for you.