[UNDER REVIEW] Engine Prime and iTunes

So my older playlists that were imported from iTunes and have a grid in Engine Prime, don’t have a grid when searching my iTunes library but newly imported playlists do. Was this something that happened during an Engine Prime update? Anybody else have this issue? Until this app is sorted out, I’m going to refrain from working in the Engine Prime database. Way to buggy.

Having a bit of trouble determining what your issue is here @SirReal, are you saying tracks that previously had a beatgrid in Engine Prime are no longer showing a beatgrid?

Beatgrid info is saved to the Engine Prime database and not to the file itself, so for the tracks that are not showing a beatgrid, do you see a ‘dot’ in the grid column in the Engine Prime library panel? if not, these tracks are unanalyzed and that will be why theres no beatgrid.

I’m saying that tracks that I had previously imported into Prime and analyzed and gridded used to show a grid dot in the iTunes node too, so I knew that they had been imported. Somewhere along the line that was broken and only newly imported tracks that are analyzed and gridded show that they are in iTunes also. If I import a playlist of tracks that are already in Engine and gridded from iTunes the tracks import as if they’re new and need analyzation and gridding.