Unable to import folder

hello, while there are already several files imported into my library, there is one that stubbornly refuses to be imported. Are there any restrictions? (file size, number of folders…) THANKS

Are there any îñtérńãtïòñåł characters in the folder name or any of the files/tags within the folder? If so, you’ll need to change all the international characters to plain characters

what are international characters? é to è? For example I have 150gb, how to find them? but anyway, i don’t think that’s it

It’s perhaps worth not saying what it isn’t until you know what it is.

As an example - if any of your filenames or the metadata tags within, feature international characters then you’ll need to change those characters to standard characters.

An easy example is Bèyoncè , would need to be changed to Beyoncé

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it manually, there are re-tagger applications which will do this. There might even be a feature within Lexicon DJ which does this for your entire collection.

Moin @pim_pam,

furthermore in German: ä, ö, ü, ß; Capital letters as well

Good luck

Brgds BeatMaster

Si tu as beaucoup de musiques françaises, il faut virer tous les accents, les trémas, les circonflexes et les cédilles. Exemple non limitatif àâçùëê%&ï etc… Les Claude François sont tes ennemis. Gaffe aussi au tilde ñ fréquent dans les titres latinos. Tu peux faire une recherche dans engine, avec le champ de recherche et la loupe en tapant juste une lettre et il te sortira tous les fichiers. Il faudra d’abord les renommer dans ton disque, refaire les tags, puis dans engine, les remplacer avec le relocate un par un, car ils seront devenus rouges. C’est très long. Bon courage.

In fact, he does as he wants this shitty software I did a test with about twenty files in about ten folders So first he stubbornly refuses, I look in the files, I see there were m3u, jpg and txt files, then delete them. there, he takes the whole file from me, cool I say to myself, I may have found my solution, except that, as a test, I put back the deleted files, and there, he takes all the folders and files back from me what to go crazy!!!

on the same usb key, engine found 76 tracks rekordbox found 109 tracks

Can you share a printscreen of your issue? Thanks