Unable to delete engine prime library


I have spent days trying to sort out my engine library & I now have thousands of tracks that are in red. I know this is something to do with the file source name change but I cannot work out where the problem is.

I have tried deleting my engine prime app - I have uninstalled at least 5 times & deleted the primary folder source to start again from fresh but each time I reinstall it, it starts up with the same info it had in previously.

I have all my music on a USB ready to reinstall onto engine library but need to delete the software & start again! Please help!

Delete the “Engine Library” Folder or folders. The usual places you would find it would be

  1. the default music folder on your computer
  2. the root folder of any other drives that you keep your music files on

Start up Engine DJ on computer, it should be an empty library.

Now add your files again