Ultimate playlist

Ok lets build the ultimate playlist. Only rule is it must mix with the previous track. Any genre… any bpm… as long as it can mix. Lets kick it off with

Flowers… sweet female attitude

DJ luck MC Neat with a little bit of luck. 3 BPM difference at 135 BPM. Pump it up :slight_smile:

Garage rulez

Body groove… architechs… drop it 3 bpm

All An IllusionOriginal Mix


[Duran & Aytek]

Same key - off to Breaks!

We were in a pub a couple of weeks ago where the DJ played 2 hours solid garage. Amazing. Anyway I’m back up to 135 Fragma Toca’s miracle

Thats got to go into. Faithless god is a dj

Deffo. Then Amen UK passion. Need to take it down a bit or we’ll be at Scooter in 5 mins :slight_smile:

Not over yet… grace

Swamp thing… the grid

Always reminds me on the wife :sunglasses:

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Dave Clarke - the Compass


I feel love 12" original… donna summer

Womack and Womack - Teardrops 12” mix

In to Pointer Sister - Jump 12" then Weather Girls it’s raining men 12"

Where do we go from there?

Saturday night whigfield. Into ymca village people

Alex Party - read my lips to restore some parity

Tuts. Got to go with

dreamer … livin joy

Happy clappers - I believe.

Sandy b… make the world go round.


Spiller … groovejet if this aint love

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Modjo - Lady