UK Delivery Dates Estimate Thread


I thought I’d start a thread so Denon customers in the UK can post the latest information about estimated delivery dates from their vendors. Obviously all of this information is subject to change! I’ll start…

Get in the Mix = 11th June

I messaged bop Dj a few days ago this was the reply. = Expected June… probably means closer to July :roll_eyes: paid outright back Feb and sick of waiting.

Westend DJ London = Could be June not sure.

Disc in Bradford. Probs by Xmas lol

Ive just had confirmation they have landed in the UK and i should have mine by Monday.

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Landed in the UK or landed with your supplier‽ :slight_smile:

Gear4music has changed it’s website now to “4in stock”

oohhhh!!! My supplier :slight_smile: I’ve sent them an email… let’s see.

EDIT: I still see ‘pre-order’ on their website, odd.

EDIT2: I’m such an idiot. In my excitement I read that as!! Doh.

Lol yeah I wrote get in the mix by mistake. It’s gear4music

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Now 3 in stock. Break out the credit cards guys.

I wanna see sold out lol

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I have mine pre ordered at gear4music my estimated delivery date is the 11th fingers crossed this is it!!! :slight_smile:

Landed in the UK and being shipped to the supplier. Will arrive on Monday so Tuesday-Wednesday at the latest i should be picking it up.

Showing 11/6 now but dont know how many their going to get in stock

Only 1 in stock now… (I just snagged one).

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Bop DJ has a massive waiting list, I called The DJ Shop in Southampton and they was looking at anytime from mid next week but couldn’t give me any waiting list info. I leave the country on the 18th but need to get the Prime 4 loaded on the 14th… this Gear4Music deal meant I get it before I go away (Thursday 13th with free delivery). I wasn’t bothered about getting it a day before for £7.49.

So it shows that by going to some of the major dealers you’ll be joining a long waiting list. I’m super stoked.

I’m with Bop DJ. IMO it should be fair enough for a customer to know which number you are in waiting list and how many units have received on the first batch…

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Gear4music just state “to order” now with an expected delivery date of the 18th June.

It seems that last one went quickly.

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I have just had an update on my gear4music order it has been pushed to the 18th I ordered around Feb so mine is a pre order. I doubt anyone is getting them next week.