Tuesday is going to be interesting (to me 🙂)

After 2 years as a self-employed I had to start looking for a job… Covid didnt make telemarketing easier when your service is to create meetings between companies.

So the day I started looking in the Job-section online, I spotted a vacant job at a local dj gear-shop, called the boss and talked about the job, my situation as a single dad which means that I some days have to leave earlier to pick up my kid from ‘after school’ etc.

He mailed me back the day after and wants to see me to a interview this coming tuesday.

Hope to get it, so I really can start promoting this awesome Denon gear :star_struck:

I want that job!!!


Yeah, things are tough Kim.

I was a full time DJ and my wife has ran a successful clothing alterations business for 22 years but since March I have no DJ work and my wife’s business has only taken 20 percent of her normal income due to all the cancellations. Luckily I took on a contract with Total about 18 months ago in the oil industry and I’m still there at the moment. It’s hard work but better than having no money at all.

Covid has killed the entertainment industry, especially in the UK with no sign of opening up properly again.

Good luck with the job!

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Thanks Keith,

Yeah, rough times!!! :worried: I started my small business because I went down with stress the old place I was, and had no problems getting customers due to my rep in the business, but when people dont want to held meetings, its up-hill…

Great that you still got the contract :muscle:

But I also want my gigs back… Its the funny money :blush:

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A dedicated DJ gear shop? Sign me! Wow, didn’t know such a thing exists. Good luck!

Oh we got a couple of those in DK :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks m8.

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That´s very nice news from you. Wish you all the best in your new Job, and rock our DENON gear!

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Its not my job yet… First the interview… :slightly_smiling_face: But thx :muscle:

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Happy, that You found a solution, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for You.

Yeah I got it :star_struck::tada:


So how much discount do we get for buying through you? :grinning:

Haha. Guessing it’s not worth it, considering freight etc.

And then your first sale is a Pioneer. Karma. :wink:

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Hopefully he will be “guiding” people to buy Denon :grinning:

I’m 100% sure of that, but it’s still a business.

At least he can honestly say it’s what he uses himself.

The “I use one at home as well” sales sentence. haha

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We dont have Pioneer :muscle: so I can trash-talk it as much as I want :wink:


Congratulations Kim!

Thanks Keith :blush: