Trust this Device option when using Engine Desktop library as source

Would it be possible to include a “Trust this Device” option when using the Engine Desktop Library as a source for the controller. Having to grant permission each time you want to use the Desktop Library whilst not the most pressing thing in the world means going back to the laptop each time.


I think I remember in Windows, that if you right-click, you can give it administrator permission once and it doesn’t ask you again, at least it worked for the applications, so surely there is a similar option for the controller

I was also really hoping to see this fixed with the new release but nope. My computer is a on another floor and i have to cut through like 3 rooms to get to it each time just to agree to something i did the day before. Also, no recording capability when you are synched to your computer. That can get a little annoying too… also i’ve noticed when you are synched to your computer there is no track history captured either. I don’t mean to come off like i’m complaining, all the extra features have been alot of fun. but while i’m at it, there isn’t a level for the touch screen effects? or am i missing something. (seriously i don’t mean to complaiin)


Can’t help but think of this meme: