Transfer Folders with Subfolders to Crates

i have a macbook pro, on the mac book i have an external ssd, with music on it. I have another ssd hard drive in the prime. I was trying to move music from the external hard drive into the engine prime. when I look at the Volume tab, I can see the folders. the way it is now i have platinum series folder PS.

under PS i have each months updates m108, m109 m1100 and so on inside those folders is the MP3 Files. When I move the Folders containing the sub folders to the crates folder it does not create a new crate. this is a huge issue as now I will have to move each folder independently. this will create a lot of work and will take a lot of time. I should be able to move the folder and engine prime should be able to see the files in the sub folders. thanks for your ears and eyes.

A massive problem with Prime; I’ve had to do this 3 times as I’ve lost drives. Needs fixing in subsequent updates.

I know the pain :slight_smile: You can vote the request here: