Track View in Browser

On the Prime Go, I’m only able to view up to 5 or 6 tracks at a time, whereas I see on the website and elsewhere, screenshots with up to 10 tracks in the browser. This is a huge difference and I would like to be able to view as many tracks as possible, in reducing the font size and maximizing screen space. Any tips on this? I’ve tried many different configurations and have yet to be able to view more than 6 tracks at a time.

Thanks! -J

when you are looking at a playlist on the unit you will see a message that says, play as playlist above. To the left is an icon the looks like a bunch of lines in a spreadsheet. Press it!

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Thanks I will give this a try. Is it for created playlists only or can it be just when browsing in a general library or folder?

once you set the mode, it runs across all lists. If you use vertical waveforms it substantially increases the number of songs you can swipe right and left to load to deck!

Hello I’m sorry but I do not see any message or icon that you are referring to in my playlists. Is it possible for you to show a screenshot or photo of this?


Thanks so much!