Track Not Found When Searching Collection

Searching for a track at the top level of my collection doesnt find any tracks that are actually in the collection? Come on Denon pull your finger out and sort your software out. This is basic stuff. You want to be a professional main stage player then sort your software out.

Hi @gloveny - Sorry to hear you’re having difficulty. We’re happy to help you out. No need to insult or make offensive comments.

What are you searching for? (Title, artist, album, etc.)

Is it possible the metadata field you are searching for is unchecked?

If you click the down arrow near the magnifying glass you can select which fields you want to run your search against. Make sure the field you are searching for is checked off.

Maybe a quick video of what you’re experiencing could be helpful. I’m sure it’s something simple.

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Works for everyone else? Make a video of what you’re doing wrong and we’ll try and diagnose

Sorry guys. Was having a bad day. I didn’t see the extra search tabs. They are showing now.

Sorry again. I’m staying of the vino till Christmass is over.

Happy new year


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