Track list recording a set

Hi guys! I’ve got a Prime 4 and it’s love at first sight even with the vertical waveforms, something that I thought that I would not like, but I like more than horizontal waveforms actually. My question is: When I’m recording a set, does it make a track list of the tracks included? I must record podcasts and sometimes the track list is a must. Thanks in advance.


When you finished mixing on the Prime4 - there ist a history of all played tracks in the playlist folder under “history”. there you can lookup, whats played :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! :raised_hands:

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History does this already indeed.

I would opt for the recording to have an automated cue-sheet file. Kind of tricky when a track would need to be added to the cue-sheet (play active and fader open perhaps).

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Not Prime 4 specifically (I have the SCs) but a Serato style playlist, where it knows what tracks have actually been mixed (as we don’t have the ability to preview tracks without loading first), rather than loaded, and puts in the times would be perfect.

cue sheet file is very nice idea … so it can jump to the positions in the mix on the fly. wow … such a simple idea I didnt thought on. (Please add this option, too)

uff … when we are finished with ideas we have the one and only number one mixing deck :slight_smile:

I love my prime4!

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