Track length question and PRIME 2 release date

How long can a single track (song) be on the PRIME series? I’m wondering if I can pre-mix about 45 minutes of dinner music on Adobe Audition and save as one track, or if a huge length track wouldn’t work on a PRIME player.

Also, does anyone have a FIRM release date on the PRIME 2? I have one pre-ordered and I was told mid-February, but I’ve seen places saying March and even April.

There’s no limit when it’s not across Link.

I’m not sure what “across Link” means. So, I’m assuming you are saying in standalone mode, I’d be fine with 45-minute long tracks?

If you have two separate players, like prime SC models, you can plug a hard drive into just one player then link the two players with a network cable. It’s great for lazy DJs who don’t want to make and carry a backup drive.

The downside is that you can only play really long tracks from the player with the hard drive physically attached to it, not the network linked player. Normal length tracks will play on either player. I’ve played a 25 minute track on the networked player before

Oh, got it. I am buying a PRIME 2, so it’ll be just the one standalone player with a 500gb SSD installed.

Hello, I’ve 2-3 hours songs (indeed mixes) and no problem, even cue-points are perfect

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Right, if you use the Prime 2 all by itself, then there is no limit on track size or length. The Link limit is currently 270MB.

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Awesome! Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it.