Track eject and autoplay?

I just got my Prime Go. I’ve only played for about an hour on it. So far it is fun and versatile for such a small package.

A couple questions so far: Is there an autoplay function? If I play the first track in a playlist or folder, can I activate a function to autoload the next track and keep playing until the end of the playlist?

Is there a way to eject or un-load a deck? On most controllers this would be holding down the shift key and pressing load deck 1 or load deck 2 button. If I have no tracks actively playing (at end of track or else paused) and I go to eject the media source, it gives me a warning that the media source is being used. It seems to me there should be a way to un-load the decks.

There is a feature Request for ejecting a track. Here you can vote for that:

But there is no real use for that, if you don´t need the track which is loaded … load another track. Track eject is used in old consoles, but this step isn´t nessasary. But to keep the old workflow you had, you can vote for this additional step.

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