Tone buttons value memory when starting up problem

hello, i have a denon 6000Mk1 for many years and with this one i don’t have this problem what i have now with the Denon 6000 mk2 : when starting up Virtual DJ 8 , the volume faders are on maximum and the tone buttons are all in the middle… with other words: the memory of the faders is not saved… Anyone know what to do please?

regards Gaetan

Yes, store your mk2 with faders on maximum and all knobs in 12 oclock position. That way you don’t have to wiggle them for software to catch up the proper position.

If you want the tehnical explanation why it happens: mc6000mk2 is a SDJ controller so when connected to SDJ, controller on startup send a HID message indicating a position of faders and knobs. Since you use it with VDJ and with regular MIDI, it probably does not sent position message on startup. Original MC6000mk1 was made for Traktor and VDJ so it was different.

okeeee…thanks! regards G