Time Remain/Elapse Toggle - Individual Screens?

Is it just me or is it a bug or design flaw no one talks about?

Why does Time Remain button toggles both sides (L&R) instead of just that screen? You built two buttons so why doesn’t it toggle each screen INDIVIDUALLY?

Is it a setting that I miss or this is a massive stupid design flaw?

Time display setting applies to both left and right decks, so no matter which “Time” button (left or right) you press the elapsed or remaining time will be displayed on both decks. The “Engine Settings” menu contain presets applicable to both left and right decks, but not individually, except the platter touch sensitivity settings.

Um @Canaris, are you part of Denon’s product team?

You just repeated the problem, which I already knew and highlighting here for the product team to solve.

The feature is silly, why have two buttons - one on each screen - then, when one button could do the same? And if you got two buttons, doesn’t it make basic sense to control each screen’s time INDIVIDUALLY? Do you get this simple problem? I guess you do because you’ve just repeated it here. But do you see it? I don’t see how your answer is helping this situation…

I’m not speaking on behalf of Denon DJ staff. I simply answered to you, trying to explain just how the time elapsed / remaining display feature operate at this time. Putting two separate buttons for the time display should allow, in theory, separate time display for the left and right decks. But as it is right now in the current firmware configuration this setting applies to both decks at the same time. If you read the user manual also, you will see that there’s no mentioning of separate time display for the left and right decks. If you think this is an issue, the time display feature on Prime 4 behaves the same. The MCX8000 has two displays, distanced from each other, so looking at one doesn’t really allow you to view the other display and concentrate on it. That’s why you have the option to toggle the time mode from either one of the displays.

I believe it does if used with Serato. Good luck implementing a fix for that in a 3y old product lol

If Denon DJ intention was to allow individual time display setting and maybe forgot to implement it, it could be done and should be done if it is possible, even if the product is released for more than 3 years. As long as it is on their current product lineup it should benefit from every improvements and support possible. Of course, ultimately, this will be Denon DJ decision.