Tidal playlists not visible on Prime 4?

Hi there,

I’ve just setup a Tidal account and linked with Prime 4, but none of my Tidal playlists are visible on Prime 4. Is that a functionality that doesn’t work yet?



Did you use the free three month code from Denon to set up the account?

You linked the account by using the code that the Prime 4 shows, entering that into the site on your computer?

So now you have both the computer and the Prime 4 logged in?

Did you add the playlists before linking the Prime 4, or whilst both computer and Prime 4 were logged in?

I would suspect that if you add playlists on the computer then they won’t immediately show on the Prime 4. It would need to be logged in again to refresh. Just a guess.




Tried both, nothing works…

Already logged out and back in Tidal via Prime 4, it just doesn’t show any playlists…

I can confirm that when I set my account up and added playlists, I could access them from the Prime 4.

Ooh, what about storage? Have you got any flash drives, SD cards or hard drive on or in the Prime 4? I’d assume that Tidal would need somewhere to store info about playlists.

My SSD was inside the Prime 4 before I connected to Tidal.

OK that was the problem, I inserted an SD card et voila, playlists did appear :slight_smile:

Many thx @PKtheDJ

Oh I got lucky there! It was just a guess.

Thanks. I’ll close this one.

@Jean, you need a source drive when using streaming services for temporary data saves. When connecting to a streaming service, the Prime device will also give a message about that fact.

Please try a little search on the forum to check if others have experienced the same.