Tidal experience?

So I’m just using a flash drive and exporting from Engine right now but I was wondering if anyone has used Tidal and what your experience was.

I have a free 3 month trial any tips, pros, cons?

Great for playing requests and experimenting at home/gig with tracks that you are not willing to buy because you were not sold on them at 1st listen.

More and more I see posts from people that seem to rely on tidal (requests for playlist management, beatgrids, even browsing tidal with advanced info) but I think it is both unreasonable and irresponsible to playing customers.

There is plenty topics and experiences here so you might first read them using search and then come back with specific questions.


Searching on Tidal is faster than searching from SSD - something wrong there surely that needs to be drastically improved.

I’ve got a hard drive with all my entire library on it but I tend to leave that hard drive connected and powered on at discos but the primes source is set to Tidal for the amazing speed.

Still, loading the same songs and versions that I’m carrying with me on the hard drive, so no mush about I ought to buy my music please. It’s just faster loading from tidal, and of course there’s no streaming glitch worries as the primes load then wrong track into buffer mem before playback.

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For real?

I haven’t used the tidal integration rather than to test if it works. I have WIFI off and tidal integration toggled off.

Said it before here but in my experience, when I load a song from tidal it crashes my database, and all songs on ssd disappear, I have to restart the unit.

I used it for my 3 month trial and it worked flawlessly, I was very impressed. As its free you have nothing to loose :+1:

Alright so I’m 2 hours in and here is my experience. Search works fast, FLAC files play great, it;s a lot of fun to look at playlists and recommendations but 90 percent of what I wanted to play they don’t have (I expected that)

So while I’m gonna have fun with for a month I expect I won’t ever renew. Maybe I’ll try Beatport offering when we get that.

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