Tidal 3 months for free code not working

Hey, Been using my Prime 4 for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. Just registered the hardware and got all my offers listed fine but the Tidal code says ‘The voucher you entered is not valid’. Can someone help by sending me a voucher code that works please? I’m not logged in and don’t have an existing account.


Hey Denon DJ support folk, can you help me with this please, I want to get going on Tidal with my voucher, but it’s saying it’s not valid when I type it in…


Hey @Langs_syd - Happy to help. For issues related to your Tidal account we would suggest contacting our support team at www.denondj.com/support. They’ll be able to provide advice on how to get this working.

In the meantime, make sure that your Prime 4 is updated to 1.6.2. This update was released to improve communications with Tidal.

Hey, Thanks for your response, I’ve emailed support twice now and no response. Any chance you could prod them for me?


@Langs_syd You can also try to register trough this link: 3 months. Free. | TIDAL

Please DM me with your contact info (phone/e-mail) and I’ll connect you with a Support Team representative who can help.