The actual zip file for SC6000 2.2 firmware update

I’m setting up my brand new SC6000s that just arrived. One player updated to 2.2 FW just fine via my WIFI but the other gets stuck in “shutting down” or it just says Engine Os on the screen forever. Now I want to just download the file and use a USB but I can’t seem to find the 2.2 firmware zip anywhere on the engine dj site. Anyone?

Bottom option:

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lol, ah ok I assumed that was Engine for “OS” since it was under OS, seems odd placement but thanks so much for the navigation tip!!!

Your confusions stems from Denon, with the release of Engine 2.0 moving towards rebranding the Engine software, so it could be also used in other devices. Mixmaster is one such device already.

So we have:

  • Engine Desktop
  • Engine OS (which is what is on the hardware)
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Yep, I caugh that after the fact. I do appreciate the quick replies and clarity, thanks again guys.

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