Tailing Effects in Serato

I use my prime system with Serato and with the latest serato release they have included tailing effects through the software for the Rane 72. Any chance that we could get a firmware update to the x1800 to tail the Serato effects in controller mode when using Serato?

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Same as Rane 72 and DJM-S9, that would make your expensive external mixer into a controller because all of the mixing would be done inside the software. Be careful what you whish for…

I am using the sc5000 in controller mode already as well as using Serato. How does that devalue the mixer? In my opinion it would be a great option for those of us that use Serato.

You would lose all of the hardware EQ options on the mixer most likely. In any chance, it would require Denon to first do a new firmware with advanced audio routing and then asking (read: paying) Serato to re-do the X1800+SDJ Pro integration. All for a mixer that is not primarily a Serato mixer and has the most advanced FX section. I think your chances are slim to none. But we are waiting on a 2ch Prime version that might have more basic FX and be better suited for a closer integration with SDJ/TP3

Although I want my prime system to work as standalone players and mixer, I’m disappointed they are not opened to send midi and to better integration with serato and traktor. The argument that they are awesome standalone hardware, thus, it makes no sense to use them as controllers is false.

There are a lot of djs using their pioneers cdjs as hdi controllers with traktor. Using DJ software has many advantages, such as better library management and allegedly better fxs (I personally prefer traktor fxs than the ones in the x1800).

I love the jog weels, the displays, the loop knob and the pads in the sc5000. They work great in standalone, but I’m so frustrated I cannot use them in conjunction to the library management and effects of traktor and serato, as I do with my pioneer gear.

Saying that using the sc5000 as controllers is a waste of moneys is a fallacy. First: they would be the best controllers in the market, as no other controller has that screen, buttons and jog weel. Second: they are good as standalone players but library management is bad, and software (or pro link) does it better.

Also, from a marketing perspective, the competitor can do it, so it would be good for the denons to do it as well.

In general, I find this idea of “the sc5000 and x1800 are expensive standalone hardware, it makes no sense to use them as controllers” a fallacy, and it’s factually limiting their potential and not helping Denon and their users.

Edit: of course you can use the system in serato, I know (although the integration is far from perfect in my opinion)