Sync question

I have set the first player as master and i am executing seamlessly my set (30 tracks) at 125 bpm which was the bpm of the first loaded track.

I am wondering if there is any function to (automatically or manually) shift up (or down) my bpm rate as the set progresses with fater or slower songs.

What do you suggest ? Whats the best way to have this shorted as the pitch control slider is locked due to sync enabled status.

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Learn to beat mix so you never have to rely on sync?

Dear @subwax I know very well how to beat count, match and mix by ear as i am mixing house music using vinyl for over 20 years.

My question is technical and related to sc6000 player functionality as i like to load a Top100 list from beatport and mix it fast with peace of mind.

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In that case, I cant help you - there are some pretty clued up guys on here that can help you out, no doubt. You are defintely in the right place.

Congrats on getting the 6000’s - lovely bit of kit there. The Beatport connectivity is great too.

Dont you miss vinyl though, having used it for so long?

@subwax i am running my analog system independently as i have a huge collection of maxi 12" I am collecting since i was 15 years old


I bought a set of VL12’s to play my vinyl on - I really miss the feel and sound of vinyl. I love my 5000’s too, dont get me wrong, but you cant beat a good bit of vinyl.

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You are right, you cannot beat vinyl feel. I am exploring the magic of technology now :slight_smile: I use daily the 6000s for one week and i am pretty surprised with the quality and features

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Then why are you asking how to increase the tempo? Mix without sync, enabling you to adjust the BPM. Or if you must use sync, engage it only when you need to. Turn it off, adjust tempo, turn it back on.


This is what i was missing, thank you

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Yup, PK has it right. If I ever use sync, I disengage sync on the track that I’m going to bring in and move the fader to the BPM of the playing track, then reengage sync, after I’ve fully mixed that track in, I can adjust the BPM slowly up or down to my desired BPM without that “jump” effect. Rinse and repeat.

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It’s real sad that he needed to prove himself before he was treated with some respect and received some real help. Isn’t the world #u@ked up enough as it is that you guys have to add to it?

Sometimes I wonder who $h!ts in some of Y’all’s cereals! It’s pathetic and rude to say the least. SMH!


I would search the request section and if there is no request for this, I think it would be a good idea to have an option to unlock this on the master deck if the user wanted to. Not sure how the layers would like that but I guess the soft takeover might cover that.

I know it is frowned upon to change the master bpm but there are exceptions where you can do it and still have it sound good, or not noticed. Perhaps a bit harder to hide with EDM. I don’t do this very often but it would save you from having to turn off sync each time and FWIW I think Traktor lets you do this too (not certain).

It could be like is in the competitors decks - Master deck can change tempo via Pitch fader, and all synced devices should follow the master tempo. So the pitch fader should be unlocked on Master deck/layer, all synced devices should act as slave to bpm/grid of the master.


Agreed. Sync shouldn’t prevent the pitch fader from being used to change tempo. If/when it’s moved, synced decks should simply follow.

In VirtualDJ this is called ‘Pitch Lock’. Ableton’s Link system behaves similarly. Any Linked device can change the tempo, and all others follow.


Actually it’s not. Replies can only be based on the info provided by the OP. No one can know that he’s an experienced DJ unless he gives us that info.

He asked how to change the BPM. Does that suggest he’s got years of experience? :man_shrugging:

But who cares about how much experience he has? There was no question about it.

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See this feature request. Vote or dont vote

Fair play to @AngelDee for managing his response and turning it to a decent conversation.

The pitch fader is not permanently locked with sync active. You have to move it to an absolute point for it to kick in again even if one is doing SYNC set.

  • When you stop/pause the master deck after mix is done, the live track becomes the master,
  • move the pitch-fader up or down (follow the green arrow) and you will notice it kicks back in.
  • Set at desired tempo
  • bring in next synced track
  • Rinse and Repeat

Is this what you were asking?

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To be fair - I think my response was a fair one, and not made with ill intention, as seems to be the suggestion here.

Thanks for trying to injecting drama where there was none.

No sir.

The topic says “Sync question”, your response “learn how to beatmatch”

Yourself and OP proceeded to engage in decent conversation thereafter after he showed his credentials.


I don’t agree, but still - you are entitled to your opinion, of course, as am I.

Lets crack on.

The name’s Neil - no need for Sir - I am not that important.

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