Sync manager not working

Hello everyone! I have an issue that i hope that someone can help me with. I have this: Macbook pro from 2020 with Engine DJ 2.1.0 I have one Prime 4 with 2TB Samsung SSD inside. In earlier engine versions i could sync folders from my Engine collection in my MACbook directly to my SSD in the Prime 4, but now it is almost impossible. Let me explain. I do all the steps. In sync manager i mark all folders that i want to sync/update and then proceed. There is a step with question about overwrite also - yes to that. It has always worked before but now comes probelm… Sync process goes extremely fast and then when I check my engine library in Prime 4, none of the folders that i synced over to the prime 4 ssd is there… Now to the strange part. If i search for some particular song that was present in the folder i wanted to sync I will find it! If i check “date added” I will find all songs on the ssd internal harddrive BUT not the named folder… This is so frustrating. My workaround so far has been to create a new folder in prime and mark every song from “latest added search” (the once that should normaly show in migrated folder) and manually drag them to my destinationfolder that i just made in prime 4. I tried to sync one specific folder called Music-2022 from engine dj in MAC Book to a empty usb drive and the result? Now folder at all but songs are there when i open library folder. This suggests that there is not a corrupted drive error but something else. Can someone please help here