SYNC in USB Mode

Ive been messing around on my new mcx8000. So far with more current house & techno sync in USB is maybe 75% successful. Has anyone noticed some styles or genres dont sync well at all? Alot of prog & trance doesnt sync well so far. Beat grids seem out alot. Majority of tracks will only work beatmatching manually… Yes i know im being lazy but this function should work really shouldnt it? Atm its more about testing my unit than anything else at this point as Ive had one faulty unit already.

Any feedback welcome. Cheers.

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As you say, depending on music type

yes. Classic Prog/trance from late 90s to early noughties wont beatgrid correctly and sync correctly. Id say 75% of my prog/trance tracks. All been analysed the same as my other tracks.