Sync Button

Hello, I sometimes use the sync mode offered by Denon on my Prime 4, when I exit this mode on the track currently playing (I deactivate the function via the button), for example to manually modify the pitch to change style or to return to manual mode, the pitch control causes me problems, it often remains blocked in sync mode and I have to go back and forth with the cursor to regain control of the pich. What do you do? Is there a solution to this problem? (May be it’s normal?) I don’t want to get into the sync or no-sync debate. I’ve been mixing for over 20 years and I know how to do without it, but I appreciate the comfort it provides.

It’s called soft takeover. Did you notice the green triangle leds above and below the pitchfader? It tells you where to move the fader to.


I feel an order for a neon sign is needed.

The manuals really don’t highlight this feature, how it works and how to differentiate between what some would describe as a bug or faulty pitch control, whereas it’s behaving exactly as intended.

The manual could do with being improved.


or perhaps a video for training purposes :musical_note: :level_slider: :headphones: :level_slider: :musical_note: :control_knobs: :notes: :loud_sound: :loud_sound: