Switched from normal HD to SSD

Hi folks,

So today I finally invested in 2 new SSD harddrives - 1 for my mac and one for my SC5000s.

But I´m having a issue…

  1. Cloned my Macs HD to the SSD using Carbon Copy Cloner 5
  2. Insertet the SSD in the Mac and everything opens up as normal. iTunes playes the tracks etc.
  3. Format the SSD ment for external use as ExFat (Master Boot Record)
  4. Open Engine Prime
  5. Re-import iTunes (just in case - but all shows up and can be played in EP)
  6. Create matching folders (via EP) on my external SSD and try to drag tracks in to the folder…and this is where I get a error message:

Any ideas on what to do, to fix this?

Best regards Engell