Suggestion for the new versions

After a while I work with Engine Prime, here are my suggestions

-I miss a metronome click.

-To be able to define the start of the grind (not just to move the grind back and forth).Also a good thing could be to be able to set up two “strats” of the grind. I mean, with some old songs, disco from 70s overall, you have a perfect grind at the beginning, than you have a roll of drums (i.e.) and then you have the same tempo but the grind is moved ahead

A problem I found when I disconnect the Prime 4 from the Prime Engine If I disconnect first the Prime 4 it is all fine, but if I diosconnect from the PC first and on the prime 4, I have to reboot the prime 4 as it doesn’t see the internal HD

Hope it could help in some way. P.

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Hi @Paride, thanks for your feedback! We have an awesome Feature Request section of our Forum where you can submit requests and get feedback on them. Members can even vote on the feature if they agree that it belongs on our gear! Check it out and see if your suggestions have been made or submit a new one here in the Feature Request Section (Engine PRIME)