Suggestion for SC media players

Just an idea for the SC media players… In regards to using the SC 5000 or 6000 second layer as a sampler to trigger one shot samples. Would it be possible to use a shift+hot cue function to switch the cue buttons to the second layer to trigger sample from the second layer, then pressing shift+hot cue to switch back to first layer cues? I know you can just press the layer button but could there possibly be a way to switch the cue buttons without switching the platter? Just thought it would be an interesting possibility

That combo is already in use. It removes/empties the selected hot cue pad.

Just use the other layer of any player, with a track made up of the 8 samples you want, with a hot cue assigned to the beginning of each sample. (Unless it’s airhorns lol )

I think @sosflex is referring to HOTCUE button and not the performance pads.

I will like SHIFT + HOTCUE to be CUELOOP

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