Stuttering Issue - Vinyl Mode Off

Something I’d already had a response to from Denon DJ support, but thought it worthwhile logging here as an FYI:


I’m using Engine standalone mode on the MCX. I’ve noticed with Vinyl mode disabled, when I stop playing a track, it continually stutters in a very short loop rather than stop playing completely. With Vinyl mode on, it works fine.


Regarding the stuttering issue you’re experiencing in standalone when Vinyl mode is turned off, this is something I have just tested here and I can confirm that I’m experiencing the same issue. As this is the case, I have raised a report with our product development team in the USA so this issue can be resolved.

Looking forward to the next release :wink:

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While you’re hearing the short repeating stuttering sound, if you move the jog wheel clockwise does the sound change?

It doesn’t affect the sound… Pressing the Vinyl mode button or either or the Param buttons stops it… Weird!

It would be worth checking out Cueing Mode in the manual. One of the popular Cueing modes is for the current play position to be repeated, so you can move the cue point to the first beat, or start of vocals etc

Thanks for getting back to me…

I’m pretty sure it’s a bug…

Track is playing fine, I press play / pause at some point with Vinyl mode disabled. Wave form stops, but the platter lights react as if the track is playing a tight loop… the audio reacts the same. Moving the platter while this is happening does change where the “loop” is starting from…

It’s pretty weird behavior… Denon do seem to thing it’s not correct.

Im having the same problem.Wish Denon would release a fix soon because i bought the beast for standalone mode as a mobile dj.

Hey Guys,

This is expected behavior and not a bug. The stutter you are hearing is a way of previewing a track which can be beneficial for setting the cue, reminiscent of our previous CD media players. If you don’t wish to use this style preview just enable Vinyl mode.

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