Stopping Track Playback at Specific Points

With Engine DJ OS, Is it possible to stop playback of tracks at certain points within the track? Sort of like an anti-CUE.

This is not possible. Here is a work-around I can come up with: make a loop with an in point before the track starts (at the beginning of the track, beatjump back a few seconds or even minutes, whatever works best for your use case). Then set the out point where you want the track to stop. Save the loop in 1 of the 8 slots, then hold the left parameter button and press the loop pad again to make it an active loop.

When you start the track, the loop becomes active automatically. When the out point is reached, it will result in silence because the playhead then jumps to the in point, which is before the audio starts. Make sure to put the fader down before that point is reached.

Hopefully that helps.

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