Startup problem

I have a problem ! during the start of the prime 4 if I touch any key or slider the console remains frozen with the wording engine 1.5.2 and the filter key illuminated! and even if I start with a traktor x1 controller connected to the rear usb ports it does the same! holding down the power button does not turn off it does nothing it always remains frozen! the only way to turn it off and unplug the power cord!

And why do you connect a console to the USB port on the back of the Prime 4? I don’t think it will work with Prime 4.

because it was mapped for Serato video ! so I use the rear ports of the prime 4 as a usb hub, because in the two ports of the mac, in one there is the prime 4 and in the other there is the webcam for streaming ! so the ports of the mac are all busy ! I leave it connected behind the prime 4 for convenience! so you don’t have to plug and unplug it all the time !

Ahhhhhhhhhh OKKKK!!!

I did not understand that you used the P4 as a simple console connected to Serato, in the post you did not mention it.