Starting maximal all 4 Platters SIMULTANEOUSLY

Dear all,

sometimes I run on my Prime 4 all 4 platters beatmatched.

So I tried to start three platters simultaneously on the strike of the running track. I experimented with

    1. Crossfader Assign
    1. Crossfader:
    1. Fader Start:
  • and of course with 28. Cue:, 29. Play/Pause:; 40. Hot Cue:; and 41. Loop:

The result was not satisfying and not what I want, namely to start simultaneously.

Does anybody pls. know if

  • a standard application exists
  • or how to proceed
  • or phps. a workaround is here
  • or furthermore a feature request is

here in the forum?

Any assistence is highly appreciated and many thanks in advance.



image image

Only workround i can come up with is to set a cue at say 8 bar before start. On one deck 4 bar before on other deck

Start the -8bar and -4 tracks 4 bar later and bring faders up at the 0 bar start point. The tracks should in theroy come in together

Moin @Dj-alzy,

thanks for your prompt workaround and I will try it out :innocent:



I would set a crossfader start for 3 decks on the same side of the cross and cue them accordingly to my needs.

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I’d set a 4 bar loop on each track (perhaps 16 if you need a little more time), mix them in during the phrase of music before you are due to have all 3 come in, when the mix point comes, bring up your faders, then release the loops.

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Ok, so on the bigger Primes (SC and X18 ) you have “crossfader start” - but not on the Prime 4 external hardware buttons, only Fader start.

However, the manual for the Prime 4 does suggest that fader start might work as crossfader start would.

So try this:

  • Move crossfader all the way to left side (Side A)
  • Set crossfader assign on EVERY deck to the right (Side B)
  • Have each deck/layer cued up, ready to play
  • Move the crossfader to the right

What happens?

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Dear all,

thanks a lot for your advices, I’ll try them out …

@Pasha : Is there a difference between “fader start” and “crossfader start”? Imo P4 works like “crossfader start” in combination with item “15 Crossfader assign”

Unfortunately to start the platters by “16. Crossfader:” depends on which platter is activated (1 or 3) and (2 or 4), and this circumstance prevents to start all platters simultaneously.

Or is the manual a little bit weak in describing the procedures? At the moment I’m a little bit confused in using the terms written down in the manual.

But anyway I’ll try your proposal and keep you posted. You are welcome.



Dear @Pasha,

I tried it out as follows:

—> When Side A (Platter 1) is playing while the crossfader is totally moved to left and I switch the crossfader assign to the right

, the sound of Side A (Platter 1) stops with immediate effect.

So I switched the 15. Crossfader Assign: to the position “Thru” —> Side A (Platter 1) keeps on playing, even when I move the 16. Crossfader: to the right :innocent:

Unfortunately the problem still exists, as the platter, which is not activated [(1 or 3) and (2 or 4)], doesn’t start, when you shift the 16. Crossfader: to the side, you choosed with 3. Fader Start: from the Front Panel.

I think it’s the right time to phrase the next feature request / service request to the address of DENON’s.



It seems like it’s one of those features which exists in the flagship SC and X18 but not in the all in one consoles.

There have to be some differences otherwise no-one would need to buy the more expensive separates.

It’s well worth filling out one of the firmware request forms though. It’s only Half a dozen questions on the form, then see how many votes it gets from other users.

Dear @Pasha , thanks for your answer. Before I start a questionary in this matter, one quick question pls.:

  • “Do you use the DENON’s Prime 4” by yourself?"

Thanks in advance and enjoy the lazy sunny afternoon



I have one that’s my civil ceremony system and backup for x1800/SC system

Thanks for your prompt rerply. Brgds BeatMaster