Standalone Sort BPM and Key

Hello all,

i have a Question. Maybe it is a beginner Question…

I can choose between BPM, KEY and Time in Standalone Mode. Is there a chance, when i choose Key (for example) that i can sort all tracks?

Would nice, if someone could help out… :slight_smile:

Hi DJDanny,

We have added a new feature to firmware v2.0 that automatically sorts the song list by BPM when you use the BPM filter. Sorting outside of that feature is not currently possible. If you’d like to test out the new Beta firmware visit the link below. Thanks!

Then i did something wrong… i choose a Playlist, and then all BPM´s are not sorted…

This new sort option is only available when you access your music via ALL > BPM or CRATE > BPM.

Also, are you running the Beta v2.0 firmware?