South Africa pricing

South African prices of dj controllers makes it so not easy to do what you love. Our weak rand is possibly to blame for that. Where as in UK you got stores compering with the best prices for these items. Maybe it’s so scarce here that’s why supplier is raping us with exorbitant pricing. I am so in love with the mcx8000 but can not afford it. What is your guys views on this.

It’s heartbreaking watching SA go the way it is, It will be just like Zimbabwe in a few more years in terms of corruption and poor fiscal management. ‘Transformation’ is just another name for racism from what I have seen.

If I was you and you had either a Trade or Degree that would allow you to get a visa elsewhere…I’d leave. Many Saffa’s are doing really well for themselves and families in NZ and Aus.

In terms of prices, I think things will only get worse as the Rand continues to slide.

Unfortunately, all products are subject to local taxes which can vary throughout the world. Thank you for your support.

I’m South African and I completely understand your frustration. Our weak rand if DEFINATELY to blame for the crazy prices! The fact is, the S.A. president was voted into power by the majority, yet he doesn’t even know how to count, let alone run a Country!! The rand will continue to get weaker & weaker until we are in the same boat as Zim. I only managed to afford a 8000 through lots of hard work & commitment to saving. I also get very frustrated with the price of audio compared to European countries due to the fact that it isn’t just a straight 13 or 16 times more. It’s normally in the range of 20x the price. But there’s nothing we can do about it, other than ordering directly from the US. Sadly by the time you factor in the price of shipping & import duties, the small saving really isn’t worth not having any support if you receive a dodgy unit. The only other way to get yourself an 8000 is to get a used unit. I’ve seen 2 8000’s in the last week on DJSwopShop in the region of about 20K. I paid 26K for mine!! Viva Afrika have now taken over the agency for Denon in S.A, which if based on my previous experiences with Viva, is gonna be a nightmare. They aren’t open to negotiation regarding prices & their after sales service is terrible compared to Audiosure. In my opinion - get a 2nd hand unit.